Contained in this section are the unattributed quotes,quips,my mother's advise,my advise and graffiti literally the writing on the wall,which I have amassed over the years.
These constituted the 'Questions That Need Answers' section of the newsletter.
I hope you enjoy the humour behind some of them and the thought provoking behind others.

I will add more as my construction of this web site progresses.


What does 'Falasha' mean?                     

At what frequency does the body resonate?

Do you know where you are going?
Do you know where you have come from?
Do you know where you are today?

What is the 'Dawning of the age of Aquarius' and when will it happen?
Has it happened before?

Western aid for starving countries contain a large percentage of arms,Why?

The western governments regularly stockpile good food for destruction,Why?

Judges award longer sentences for stealing then they do for the taking of life,Why?

Has the opening of the 'Seven Seals' started?
If so how many are left to open?

What did the Israeli government start in the mid-seventies under a cloak of secrecy?

Do you trust those entrusted with your well being?

What is a Rasta?
What is a dread?
What is the difference between them?

Is racism a pigment of the imagination?

What destroyed Soddam?

What is the 'Mark Of  The Beast'?

What is the significants of 'The Two Sevens Clash'?

Insanity:Why if you are rich you are eccentric,but if you are poor you are mad?

Why does the government blame the poor for being poor and not their policies?

Why are the old treated with such disrespect, when if it wasn't them the young wouldn't be here?

Is reality an illusion brought on by a lack of stimuli?

Why is the road to success always under construction?

Ethiopia is mentioned 49 times in the Bible (7 x 7).

Learn the three R's:Righteousness, Redemption, Rastafari.

Why do governments carry out inhumane actions in the name of humanity?

Why are so many wars fought in the name of religion when it is universally accepted that there is only one God?

According to anthropologists the start of civilisation and the modern human was around 1 million years ago. 
If this is true what does that say about the 3.7 million year old skeleton called 'Lucy' found in 1974 in Ethiopia?

Remember History is just that : 'His  Story'

Many self made men worship their creator!

There are only two certainties in life,taxes and death.

Many people in this life will hitch themselves to a shooting to get a free ride.

Life is a sexually transmitted disease.

If time is a great healer why is not addressed as Dr Time?

Was Samson a Rastafarian and what evidence do you have to substantiate this?

Did you know that the inverse of 'Live' is 'Evil' and 'Lived' is 'Devil'? 
So live right and the Devil won't get a look in.

Age does not bring wisdom,experience does!

Are we just a microcosm of someone else's larger plan?

Life is like a pubic hair on a toilet seat - eventually you will get pissed off.

If we are all created in God's image that mean that God is multicoloured/multi-racial and both male and female.
Think on that!

Before this government came to power we were on the edge of an economic precipice.
Since then we have taken a great leap forward.

Have we become the kind of people our parents warned us about?

I am so broke I would be grateful for the economic small change!

There is no fury like a vested interest masquerading as a moral principle.

We are the willing,led by the unknowing,doing the impossible for the ungrateful.

How far back can the 'Falasha' trace their ancestry?

We are all enviromentally friendly,life is biodegradable.

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