Aba was introduced to Roots and Culture through his father Allan's sound system at a very early age.
He went on to become MC for 'Jah Tubbys Sound' travelling up and down the country chatting his 
conscious  lyrics over heavy dubplate mixes.

With the coming of Ragga-Muffin in the 80's, Roots sound systems were forced to take a back seat 
and only a few remained loyal. 
Fortunately, Aba never lost his vibes or his belief in 'The Father' and after taking over the running of 
Tubby's sound, he made his debut at the Leicester Carnival in 1990 playing his own brand of dub 

Since then he has gone on to be one of the most prominent soundmen in the world of Dub music.
He is currently working as a disc cutting engineer and also mixes all of the dubs from the Falasha 

"What you hear is what I'm feeling inside. It's just the father giving I and I inspiration, directing 
us to send out vibrations to the people.bringing the races,all the different nations together under 
Jah love is what we play for.One Love,Jah Rastafari".


Born in the East End of London he was introduced to Roots and Culture through his father Allan, 
growing up with a love for music. 
He says; "It was the drums that gave me the vibe and inspiration to play. 
Listening to great drummers like; Sly Dunbar, Santa, Horsemouth, Carlton Barratt, Style Scott, 
Mickey Boo,Jah Bunny and Steve [Grizzly].

He first began playing drums at school with friends Carl Mcintosh and Jean Adebambo and his first
Roots band was called 'Black Chalice'.
Here he started his journey through bands and artists like;
Donna Rodden, Sandra Cross, Dee Sharp,Everis,Culture,K.E.Black Slate,Sugar Minott,
I Jahman Levi, Mickey Spice, Abyssinians, Steven Wright and the Rite Vibe, Macka B, 
African Headcharge, Half Pint, Johnny Clarke and Tena Stelin.

While at home, he started to write and compose music until one day Aba came and said, 
"Let's make a dub track so we can play it on the set ". 
We called it 'Jah Guide' and it was our first official dubplate. We had the vibe but not the sound 
so we worked for a number of years and things eventually became better ".

Blood Shanti began to sing on some of the old dubs but only to put a voice onto tape until Shanti 
Roots said "It's time for you to be heard blood !" and so came the name 'Blood Shanti'.

At this time he was moving with the fourth member of the unit 'Samari' (percussionist] and together 
they laid down their first release 'Tear Down Babylon'. " The lyrics just came off the top of my 
The response was positive and we followed up with 'Zulu Warrior'. It gave I and I great joy to see 
brethren and sistren come together to free their minds and souls to the father of creation and spread 
the word of love all over the world".

"Soon after we started our own record company 'Falasha Recordings',and from then on I felt compelled by 
'The Almighty' to sing and tell our children not to go astray because the power is within us all to come 
together as one".


I was first inspired by my father at a young age to play music. At the age of  eight I passed the 
grade 1 exam at the 'Royal College Of Music'.
While at school I used to play with a group of friends every weekend and we also ran our own
sound system "Mystic Harmony".

I went on to become a percussionist and played with artists like ; 
Culture, I Jahman Levi, Johnny Clarke,Mykal Rose, Prince Lincoln, Half Pint, Mickey Spice,
General Levi,African Headcharge, K.E.Black Slate,Tena Stelin and Gary Clail.

In 1993 I met Blood Shanti while we were on tour together and we became the best of friends, 
having much in common and sharing similar lifestyles.

Soon after 'Tear Down Babylon' was released followed by 'Zulu Warrior'. 

In 1995 we decided to set up our own company 'Falasha Recordings' in order to run our own 

"Our intentions are simple,to teach the youth to be conscious and people from all over the world to live good
and love one another. Be positive.One Love."


I got involved in music in 1976 when I started to select music for 'Sir Ken Hi-F'i at 'Phoebes 
I spent two years with 'Sir Ken' and then went on to select for 'Danny Casanova' in the blues 

After about four years I began selecting for 'Fatman Sound System' where I stayed for a year and 
then moved on to operate for 'Turbo Matic Ting'.
I was with them for at least three years when I decided to stop selecting for sound systems. 

For me the music was changing and heading in the wrong direction. 
So every friday I found myself on the motorway going to Leicester to listen to 'Aba-Shanti -I' .

I am currently doing voluntary work at the 'Triangle Music Workshop' setting up rehearsal rooms 
for bands and singers. 
I also have the use of rehearsal rooms where I am in the process of writing my album due for 
release in the new millenium.

"One love to all the people in the world dealing with consciousness"


I used to play sound systems as a young man and this led on to deejaying and eventually to cutting 
dubplates for various sound systems of the time.

I had a gift for electronics and not only did I build my own sound system, but I built and repaired 
sound equipment for various sounds throughout the UK.

I worked for the government on specialised computer communication systems for many years, but I 
became disillusioned with the job and the people and so I resigned.

I ran a long standing record company for some time, and it was while I was tour managing one of 
acts as well as performing in the band that I met Samari, he was the percussionist in the backing 
He told me that he and a friend wanted to start a record company and if I would meet them and 
advise them on the right way to go about it.
That is how I met Blood and in turn Aba and Roots.

I am no longer associated with that record company; but now the lads and I run 
'Falasha Recordings'.

The one ambition I have in life is to be happy and make those around me happy in the process.
I would rather be remembered as a nice person that instilled a mellow vibe into people and was always 
willing to help others, than some kind of record company anal retentive sub species.
Mentioning no names!