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Blood Shanti's new 12 inch single release 'FATHER GIVES LIFE' (Roots Lover's Cut) from his forthcoming new album 'Blessed' (pronounced Bless Head) available now.

It is a double A side release which features the vocal and the dub of 'FATHER GIVES LIFE' with Bredda Stanley Andrews on guitar. 'CAPE HORN' from the forthcoming dub album 'Jordan's River' pronounced Jah Dons River) on the AA side.

As Aba said at this year's Notting Hill Carnival "Dem ah come thick and fast now".

Dateline: 24/09/04 Venue: Brixton Recreational Centre

Ah yes Brixton Rec,'The University Of Dub'.
Scheduled for the giving of a Rootical education were Channal One, King Shiloh and Aba Shanti-I.

The Lioness, Lioness cub 1 and I arrives at the venue at 20:00 and proceeded to load in the stock for the stall.

Already wired up and ready to go was King Shiloh, Channal One had not arrived yet and Aba had only the bass bins set out and the rest of the boxes on the floor waiting to be hung.
This was because he has to do it all himself as the 'Yout Dem' had prior committments, and to hoist very heavy boxes into a set by yourself 'Is not a simple task.Oh No'
(Dennis Brown 'Tenement Yard').

So it was off with my jacket and with the help of some friendly bredrin started to construct the the rest of the stacks as the Lioness and Lioness cub1 set up the stall and in a very short time it was done.

The old adage 'Many hands make light work' was never so true.

Come 21:30 all three sounds are set up and ready to roll and roll they did.

King Shiloh gets better every time I hear him play. His selection has always been good, but his overall sound quality was excellent, with a deep rolling bass line and criss mids and tops.
He may cite Aba as one of his mentors, but his sound is more a deeper, heavier Jah Youth then Aba Shanti and that is no bad thing.

Channal One sound was not as good as I have heard Mikey play in the past.That is not to say his selection was bad, it is just the sound quality did not match the selection quality.
He seemed to be going for the same kind of deep rolling thunder bass line that King Shiloh and Aba were metering out to solid effect, but it just did not have that 'Sonic Boom' and whether this was due to the power supply in the building (as both Aba and Shiloh have had problems in the past with the power here) or not, the solidness of his sound did not match Shiloh's or Aba's.

But The Dean, The Vice Chancellor and The Head of Righteous Instruction, between them still gave masterful lectures in conscious music with a positive message and not a 'Bling' in sight and nuff students were there to testify to that fact.

The stall received visits from bredrins old and new and big Raspects going out to the bredrin from Lincolnshire who regularly comes to Brixton and this time came with a party of 10 people.

I did my customary wander around the venue to see 'What A Gwaan' and to hail up bredrins in the place as well as take photographs.

Blood Shanti arrived at 02:00 and continued berating me about calling his new tune 'Lovers' and when Aba played a cut called 'Every Day' from his forthcoming album came up to me and said

"Now if you had said this was a Lover's riddem I would agree."

But 'Every Day' is not a Lovers riddem, Blood, well not to my ears. Just accept the fact that 'Father Gives Life' to mine and other people's ears is.

The hall was Hot! Hot! Me ah tell yuh dread and not just from the music.
The heat was stiffling at times and I was glad that we had sited the stall by the back fire escape door, for the security guard kept it slightly open to let in a steady steam of cool air as he too was suffering from the heat.

I must be getting old as this night seemed to go on for ever, and Morpheus was seriously calling me at around 03:30 as I settled into a chair just by the drinks stall and woke up 20 minutes later.So I dragged myself up and continued with my rounds.

But all good things come to an end and at 06:00 Channal One closed The lecture.

Raspects to: King Shiloh & Cru, Channal One & Cru, King Earthquake & bredrin, Dj Fatman from Cambridge, The Bredrins who helped me set up the sound, Mark, Terry, Errol, Muffet, Sister Jackie, Millie & Cru, Entebbe, Jah Observer, Skopi, Tim (without Heidi), King Charles, Renta, Billy, Solomon, Prento Youth, Cuzz, Jerry, Bredrins from Lincolnshire, Birmingham, Wiltshire, and all over the UK, Holland, France, Italy, Germany, and all over the world, who made this session nice.......

The Humble Lion.

Dateline: 31/08/04 Venue: Notting Hill Carnival

We arrived at our spot at 0800 as the police were enforcing strict loading times.
If you were not in the area by 0900 they were not letting you through.
We unloaded the set and the stall and started to put it all together. Come 10:45 we were all ready to start shocking the place.

We had set up 2 mountainous stacks instead of the usual 3 sets and even as Aba was telling me how he wanted the stacks, I was telling him that they were going to be very high and he was telling no.
Aba was on top of the first stack adjusting the tops when he shouted down to me "Boy it high up here"!
The stacks were 18 feet high (5.5 metres) and 8 feet wide (2.5 metres).
People started arriving early on our spot as usual for carnival and they were just sitting on the pavement waiting for the event to start.

The Lion Cub came to see me just to chat and hang out for a few hours and it was funny to listen to the crew's remarks on how similar we are.

Well the start time for the festivities was set at midday and right on time Aba started to warm the set in and from the first few bars of the opening track people started appearing as if by magic.
We had checked the weather forecast for the day and it stated and I quote:
"Patchy cloud and sunny intervals. No rain and a maximum temperature of 71 degrees".
When we left to travel to carnival the sun was shining and the sky was clear. When we started to play the sky was overcastted and the clouds were a lot darker grey than was to be expected from "Patchy clouds".
Then the drizzle-started .We had taken the precaution of setting up clear plastic sheeting to cover the speaker stacks and so it was all hands to the fore as we covered the stacks.
For the next 2 hours there was random drizzle but no heavy downpours.

The time is now 14:30 and the session is in full effect, when I noticed to glance over to the corner of our spot to see what I thought was the smoke from someone barbequing. I pushed through the crowd to warn off the individual, as having an open barbeque with the crowd that was around our spot was a serious safety hazard.
But the clouds of grey /black smoke was not from a barbeque as I thought, but was from our generator.
The ting was leaking diesel like a waterfall and there was a great chance of an explosion.
So it was a rush over to Aba to get him to shut down and to turn the generator off.
Markus, Samari Aba and myself then set about trying to find the leak.
Samari spotted that one of the injector hoses had split so we took it off and replaced it with a temporary piece.
We started the generator and this lasted 2 minutes before another hose sprung a leak. We fixed that and the saga was repeated, another hose sprung a leak.
Aba was making some serious calls to the generator hire company to get an engineer to come and fix it, as time was running and passing.
It so happened that the company had a service crew in the area of carnival repairing another generator and were on site within the hour, but by now we had been off air for over 2 hours.
The service crew turned up changed the hoses and we started up again and satisfied that all was well they left to go and do another job.

The time was 16:45 and looked over to the corner again and clouds of black smoke were floating into the sky. The damn generator had sprung another leak.
I rushed over to the generator to find Markus, Aba and bredrin Dennis peering under the cover.
It took Dennis 1 minute to realise that the generator was being over pressurised and that if he removed the air filter the engine would now be able to breathe. This he did and the generator never sprung another leak.
The service team from the hire company did not have the expertise that a fully trained diesel mechanic has.
So maximum Raspects Dennis, without whom the day would have been an utter disaster.

Aba was back playing by 16:55 and from then till the end serious ground shaking/body vibrating seismic shock was the order of the session as Aba started to draw some serious low-end pressure.
Throughout the saga of the generator the transients left but the faithful stayed and by the time Aba was in full effect, it took just 11 minutes for our corner to get jammed again. So maximum Raspects to the faithful.
Serious tings.

Blood Shanti's new single 'Father Gives Life' which is due for release in the next 2 weeks was available to purchase on our stall and nuff singles went.
This single is a slight departure from the normal Roots riddims. Did I say "Slight" I think I meant "Radical" as the riddim track is similar to a 'Lover's Rock' riddim. (If you think 'At The Club' or 'Back A Yard' you will get the vibe) but with a serious conscious message. I don't need to reiterate my stance on 'Lover's Rock' but this tune "Cut Crass" as they say in the Reggae music world, meaning that it works.

Check Dis:
At carnival I told Blood that I thought that the new tune had a 'Lover's' vibe and he then spent the next 10 minutes explaining to me how it could not possibly be a 'Lover's' riddim with its steppas B line and ting.
Well I hadn't finish drafting this update so it could not have been me the cause of this………..
Blood phoned me up on 02/09/04 to say that people had been phoning the distributors of our records and asking for that new Lover's tune by Blood Shanti. Nuff Said!

Sister Millie came over to me as I manned the stall and with great enthusiasm in her voice shouted:
"Humble Lion, I have been reading the web site and I didn't know that you used to be a selector, why don't you still select"?
I answered "That was another time and another place".
The actress Rula Lenska who was standing with her friends not far from us enjoying the vibe turned round at this point and smiled.
For people the experiences you have had in the past makes you the person you are today, Jah know.

The session was running nice when we noticed that the stall was physically rocking in time to the music and it wasn't just from Aba's bass.
There were so much people on our corner that as they danced they were pushing against the framework of the stall and it was moving in time to them. So Blood and myself had to go round and ask people to leave a little gap between them and the stall, just in case the stall toppled.
At this point I would like to send out thanks to the dawtas who assisted in running the stall:
Colette, Lioness and Debbie, Big Up!

Nuff bredrins from all over Jah's Globe were present at this years carnival: Nadine and King David Cru from Italy, Julien and the Musical Riot Cru from France, Roots Messenger from Germany, Lion Paw from Switzerland, Leroy who had emigrated with his family to Switzerland, Bredrin from Wuppertal In Germany,Desai and Cru from Japan, Conscious Steppa from Benelux, Natty and Cru from Holland, Ras Edmund, Griz, Ras Natural and Cru from Leeds, Sister Millie and Cru, June, Lion Cub, Andrew, Dennis Master Mechanic without whom the day would have been lost, Sweet T, Charles, Little Andy, Tim & Heidi, Stevie, King Earthquake and Cru from Birmingham, DJ Stryda, Goma, Kami, Ras Kulcha, Tony Roots, Chillum, Fenton, Raymond Judah and the University Of Dub Cru, Arkology, Rueben, Rula Lenska & Friends.Zak (yes I spotted you).

Carnival always brings it share of trials and tribulations which have to be overcome for the day to be a successand this year brought more than most, but we overcame them and the people and ourselves ended up having a wicked day. So to all present One Love.

Dateline: 07/08/04 Venue: Leicester Carnival, Victoria Park, Leicester.

"Oh What A Day, Oh What A Day, When His Majesty Comes Again" (Dennis Brown).
"Oh What A Day, Oh What A Day, When Aba Shanti To Leicester Come Again"(Humble Lion)

Yes Good people Jah did bless this day with one of the sunniest and hottest days this year.The sun did just beat down Babylon to the max. The sun was so bright and hot that Aba's dubplates were buckling under the heat and all those foolish enough to drink large amounts of alcohol and not any water were suffering. One female to the left hand side of the crowd standing too close to one of the stacks was skanking and drinking as one particular tune was playing and when Aba dropped the bass, she too just dropped. Para-medics were in full attendance. A combination of sun, alcohol and the bass was literally her downfall.

We arrived at 10:30 and between Aba, Markus, Babar and Myself we set up the three large stacks in a triangle arrangement, but trust me people lethargy was seriously the order of the day as it was hot even at 10:30 and what would normally take us one hour to erect took a darn sight longer. Much to the annoyance of Aba.

But by 13:00 we were testing the set and ironing out the few minor glitches.The heat had taken its toll on one of the power amps and a replacement had to be drafted in and Aba had not even driven the set to any degree.

But once that was sorted out Aba played on, as the people on hearing the sound came and just locked themselves into the groove for the duration. I went to help lioness with the record stall as the crowd grew bigger and bigger.

Nuff people came to the stall to chat and to buy the live session cd's. Most were people who had brought some last year and were coming early to get the best selection. All said that the sound quality of our cd's were not like anyone else's. They were way, way better.

One lady in particular was surprised that I had the sessions from Italy as even though she comes originally came from Leicester she now lives in Milan, but she didn't get a chance to see to Aba in Italy so she was more than happy to buy the cd's of the session. So to Sadie I hope you enjoy them.

Leicester was one long hot session and I don't mean just the sun. I walked around taking photos of the people just loving the complete vibe that the music and the day was generating.

So to the people of Leicester and those that had travelled, thank you for a wonderful day. We bring the music, you generate the vibe. One Love.

Raspect and blessings to: June, Leroy (who came back from Switzerland to take in the vibe), Dunzie, Clappers, Rema, Markus, Val (for running the stall as I wandered about), Chopra, Vee Jay, Pindy, Alice, The Aba Shanti-Cru, Errol, Babs, Sadie, King Earthquake, Benji Stepper, Babar, Terry, Raymond Judah, Nyah, Chuckie, Step Off, Soloman, Chang, Austin, Mary, The West Country Cru,The Peterborough Cru, The Bedford Cru, The French, Dutch, German, Italian Cru's, The Leicester-Ites, The Birmingham Cru, and to all that came from all corners of Jah Globe.

Dateline: 29/07/04 Venue: Ja Sound Festival, Nimes, South Of France.

I left home at 02:45 in the morning to drive across London to pick up Aba and then drive to Stansted Airport to catch a 07:00 flight to Nimes. Even though the ticket states London Airport Stansted, believe me people Stansted is not in London, it is in Essex. It is 100Km from where I live and 65Km from where Aba resides.

Anyway we got to the airport in good time and proceeded to look for the correct check-in desk, which was a harder task then expected as even though the airline expects you to book in at least 2 hours before the flight, they did not put up the check-in desk number until 06:05. This resulted in a mad rush to the other end of the airport to check ourselves in. Only to find on reaching the desk that there was massive queue and only one check in girl. There was no way that she was going to be able to process all the people in the queue in time for them to make the flight. This fact did not dawn on the airline until 06:45 when they quickly opened up another checking in desk to handle the people.

As Aba and I were in the queue we kept looking around for the other artistes travelling on our flight to the festival. I knew who the were as I had been sent a complete listing from the promoter when I requested our ticket confirmation. But like Little Bo Peep the sheep were nowhere to be found.

Anyway we got checked-in and then went through airport security and then the long, long, long walk to the gate. Trust me people the walk was long.

We got on the aircraft, found a seat and I then closed my eyes and tried to get a quick nap as I knew we had a long sleepless night ahead of us, I advised Aba to do the same.

We landed in Nimes and went through customs and awaited the pick up.

As we were waiting for the pick up I noticed some of the other artistes and their musicians passing through immigration.

There was Dave Barker, Dennis Alcapone and their backing band. No B.B. Seatton, Derrick Morgan or Owen Gray though.

We were picked up after 20-25 minutes of waiting and then on to the hotel to freshen up. Our Spanish driver, Sebastion was cool.

We arrived at the hotel and just dumped our bags in the room which we did not need for the show and we were back in the bus and off to the festival site, which we had driven pass to get to the hotel.

We arrived at the festival site and were greeted warmly by the festival staff. We were allocated Izzy who took care of our every need. Nothing was too much trouble for her and a BIG Raspect and thanks from Aba and myself for her tireless work on our behalf.

We met up with bredrins, Steflion (Lion Roots Sound), Boris (Reality Sound) and Abu (Zion Gate Sound) who were there to do something special for Aba.

Steflion had spoken to me about all 3 of the above mentioned sounds, combining their sounds together so that for first time in an outdoor arena in France, a proper big sound system would play.

So their 3 sounds were set up and all linked together and we reinforced it with the pa system provided the promoter and we were going to do some serious vibration.

The 'Big Sound' as I called it consisted of:
32 Bass Bins, 28 Double Mids, 24 Single Mids, 16 Single and Double Long Throw Horns
The massive double Sub Bass units from the pa system.

Happy with what were had constructed, we retired to the backstage area to chill out.

We were scheduled to play five 25 minute sets inbetween the bands and one 2 hour set to close the show.

So we let Steflion, Boris and Abu do the first 3 changeovers and we would do the last two and the closing set.

'But the best laid plans of mice and men' did not have to contend with Dennis Alcapone. The man just distress up the program, dread.

The first 3 changeovers went smoothly and then Dennis came on stage and instead of playing for his allocated time decided to play on and on and on and on.........................

So instead of his 50 minutes set he played on for over 2hours 12 mins and had the nerve to cuss us from the stage; and this is after we had been told it was our time to play by the stage manager.

He and his band left the stage 3 times, 3 times!! The Stage lights were turned off and he came back 3 times to do another couple of numbers.

We had to stop playing mid tune, twice as the crowd was jumping and the bass was pumping, so that he could continue wid his stupidness.

I-Roy, U-Roy, Prince Fari, Big Youth, Jah Lion, Croaking Lizard, dem is deejay.


But apart from that the 'Big Sound' did sound good and so Raspect to Stef, Boris and Abu and to the festival staff and to the people that had travelled from all over Europe to hear Aba at this festival:
The Roots Corner Crew,The idren from Wuppertal who gave me the pictures, Marsha,Cynthia, Izzy,Chucka, Stevie, BoBo Rootz, Larry, Clem, The Italian Cru, The Dutch Cru, The Spanish Cru.............

One Love

The Humble Lion

Bredrin Digi-Step of 'The Shanti-Ites' horn section 'The Joshua Horns' and of the Bristol Roots collective 'Dub Khasm' has left these shores to go and live in Brazil.

We at Falasha and the band 'The Shanti-Ites' would like to thanks Digi for all is contributions to our productions and live shows over the years and wish him well in his new life in Brazil.

Jah guide and protect.

One Love.

Blood Shanti's new 12 inch single release 'What A Gwan' (Seismic Cut) from his forthcoming new album 'Blessed' (pronounced Bless Head) available now.

It is a double A side release which features the vocal and the dub of 'What A Gwan' with Bredda Stanley Andrews with guitar in hand running some serious relative minor triads on the Instrumental cut with 'Banks Of The Nile' (Pronounced Banks Of Denial) from the forthcoming dub album 'Jordan's River' (pronounced Jah Dons River) on the AA side.

It is called the Seismic Cut for very good reason. I have heard heavy bass on a record many times,but nothing like this!

So get yourself a copy and shake down the Walls Of Babylon, and if not shake it down, seriously weaken it.

One Love.

The "pronounced as" in brackets are my little joke to follow the style of the track 'What A Gwan' and is not intended to offend anybody; Yuh Hear!!!.....The Humble Lion.

Dateline: 10/07/04 Venue: Club-U Wuppertal Germany

We had to catch a 19:30 flight from Gatwick to Koln/Bonn .
Aba was travelling back by car from Carew on the Pembrokeshire coast,Wales, where he had performed at 'Reggae Wales' (finish 0015). The night before he had done his regular twice monthly session at 'The Bassment Club' in Brighton on the English south coast. (finish 0200)
08/07/04 London - Brighton leave 1900 finish 0200 back home 0600.
09/07/04 London - Wales leave 1330 finish 0015 back home 0640
10/07/04 London - Köln leave 1300 arrive Köln 2145. Picked up by driver and driven to Wuppertal arrive venue 22:45.(venue opens at 2300).

Quick soundcheck and taken for something to eat and then the hotel: 0030.
Picked up at 0105 and driven to venue. Session from 01:30 - 0510.
Ah Who say life pon de road no easy….Let me hear you!

We arrived in Köln/Bonn airport and having endured the scrutiny of the immigration officials.
The people who were in front of Aba & I were waved through without fuss. Our passports were run several times under the ultra-violet light and then the woman started bending up my passport to see if it had been put together from other passports. That was until I told her with a completely dead pan face, that if she damaged the passport I would hold her responsible and so would her bosses when I slapped a lawsuit on her not only for the damage but more importantly for Racial Discrimination. We were granted entry in the country.
Lions are only humble provided you do not take liberties with them. If you trouble Lions you will soon find out that they are not a big fluffy cats, but are very dangerous creatures, very dangerous creatures indeed!
That is why they call me the Humble Lion. Trouble me or my people dem, and the Lion will humble you!
Whether it be people who think they are big or State bureaucracies, Rasta Don't Fear No Bwoy, Rasta Don't Fear".
But most of the time I look like a big fluffy cat.

Don't take the above anecdote as a slur on the German people, because it is not. I have had the same treatment in Israel, Greece, France, Italy, The U.K. (Wha the UK, I hear you gasp).
Yes people I have had to tell a few Indian breddas who were on immigration control and one Barbadian bredda which part dem come from, but in an accent so crystal you would have thought I was reading the BBC World Service News. This contrasted very strongly against their own heavily accented English; and when I was cussing them I didn't use loud foul language. I used similes and metaphors in a normal moderate tone, which meant the same things; but only if you have a very good grasp of English and they didn't. So they were humble by the very thing they thought they were, English, as their English colleagues looked on and laughed at them.
Remember just because someone has the same skin tone as you that does not make them your brother or sister;

We were met as soon as we came out of the arrivals area by Tom, who though didn't speak a lot of English made us understand that he was going to drive us to Wuppertal which was a 50 minute journey.
So we got into the minibus and off we went.
As we were travelling the promoter, Tilmann called Tom to make sure everything was cool.
I spoke to Tilmann and rather than go straight to the hotel we wanted to go and check out the club and have a quick play on the equipment. So this agreed, Tom drove us to the venue.
The 'Club-U' is in the cellars/underground of a great old building. The walls are 3 metres thick rock.
Tilmann told me that the whole city is built on this rock, that is why Wuppertal has the under hanging monorail as they could not drill tunnels through the rock for a metro.
So after checking the rig it was off to get some food and then the hotel to freshen up; cue Tom.
We were picked up by Tilmann at 01:10 and were driven to the venue.
The support dj's Dirk & Dubj Rolo were finishing off their set as Aba and I started to unpack the tunes and lay them out for easy selection.
Then Aba took over from them and started his set.
His opening tunes were classics from Bob Marley, Dennis Brown and then some wicked Luciano; just to set the mood.
The tune that stood out for me from the night was a Luciano tune that had the lyric:
"Solidarity and harmony, brings unity in our family We tired of de tribal war". Too true!
I went upstairs onto the balcony that overlooked the dance floor and I was standing behind 2 guys who were sitting down, looking and listening intently to what was being played.
The one to my right had blonde hair and his friend to my left had a reversed baseball cap on his head and a red T- shirt, and when that tune rolled the one with the baseball cap closed his eyes, dropped his head and started drawing on an imaginary bass guitar away dread. By the way he held the imaginary bass, he was left handed and the way he moved his fingers, he was a bass player.
He raised his head opened his eyes and with a big smile on his face nodded to his friend.

I expect that B-line to appear in a modified form on a track from Germany pretty soon.

As I wandered around the venue I met up with Stephan who shook me warmly by the hand and thanked us for coming to his country to play as he has come to the UK on numerous occasions to listen to Aba.
The session went very well and at 0500 in the morning the hard core were still there skanking around the dance floor as I took pictures.
Wicked session. Wicked vibe.
On behalf of Aba and myself, Raspects to the promoter, the patrons and to all whom made this a wonderful first time excursion into Germany.

The Humble Lion

Blood Shanti & The Shanti-Ites will be appearing live and direct on friday 9th July 2004 at the Reggae Wales Festival and on the 10th July 2004 alongside Iration Steppas at The Cheese & Grain, The Frome Festival, Frome, Somerset.

So do yourself a favour and check them out.

Check Events Page for further details

Dateline: 02/07/04 Venue: Brixton Recreational Centre

The stall was not run at this session due to prior commitments of those involved ie: The Lioness and I.
I arrived at 21:30 to assist in the sound check and stayed till midnight.
I watched as Iration and Youth did the final few running repairs and prepared to play as Aba just warmed the session, playing a classic Roots selection.
Then the session started in fine style.
Iration played some nice tune and Youth sounded the best I have ever heard him sound; serious ground shaking going on!
Nuff people came up to me to ask if we were running a stall as they wanted to buy some more sessions on cd.
As one bredrin (who was sceptical about the cd's in the beginning) stated:
"The sound quality of the cd's make you feel you right there in the session."
I have stated this before, We provide a quality product for quality people and if the session recording is not up to the mark, IT IS NOT MASTERED and therefore no cd of that session will be made………Yuh Dun Know!
Below is the account of the happenings after I left as told to me by people who have buck me up in the street and numerous emails from people who were present. With apologies to Shandi-I for its non inclusion in the first draft.

Well the session was running nice and sound man start call up dem artistes bredrin to do a ting when it was dem time fi play. So when it came time for Aba to play, him call up his artiste bredrins too.

Blood Shanti and the one Shandi-I from Japan and me a tell you Lion the crowd went ballistic when the one Shandi start to sing.

Wha !!!

The people dem were not expecting dat kindda righteousness and quality to come out of de man from Japan.

Shandi-I just mash it up wid de live vocals ,me ah tell you dread.

De man sing in English / Japanese and a Jamacian patois. Man wood dah tink he just come from Yard, fi true.De man deh ruff.

If I was'nt there I would not have believed. Bwoy it shock me! De lickle Japanese bredda can sing!

All the above comments in red / gold & green were either said to me or came in emails to the website after the session and is conveyed in the same accent and manner as the user intended. So I thought what better recommendation than the response from the people.

All vocals that Shandi-I sung are from his forthcoming album on Falasha recordings. A single will be available soon, so keep an eye and ear out.

But the above comments just goes to show: 'You should never judge a book by its cover'.



One Love The Humble Lion

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