Boarding the Virgin Airways flight. Flying through the clouds Mrs Stryda checking into our hotel rooms. Ready to be interviewed in PBS Radio station on the Chant Down Ras Crucial, DJ Jesse I, & Damajah outta Melbourne's leading sound Some of the crowd
Milton Naphtali, Terry Gad, & DJ Stryda showing how InI skank inna          

This page was inspired our bredrins Dj Stryda (Bristol) / Milton Naphtali & Terry Gadd (Jah Trinity s/s from Gloucester), who have left the UK and gone to the other side of the world to live (in this case Australia), and are still forwarding the vibe.
They are therefore truly 'Roots Ambassadors'.Raspect is due.

So if you are a 'Roots' Dj or sound system, I will repeat that for the hard of reading: 'Roots' Dj or sound system!
Not Dancehall or Ragga and have left your homeland and are still forwarding the vibe, then you too can send in photos / info of where you have played and when and I will include them on this page.

Outernational Events


 AUSTRALIA MELBOURNE 25/08/01 DJ Stryda to play alongside Chant Down Sound and spread Jah music. "....moving outta babylon, reaching to a higher land..." FLYER
Warning: I will vet all applications and only include those that are bona-fide. Those that try to scam me will be published on a 'So you thought you were wise' blacklist for all to see. You have been warned!!!!!

One love the Humble lion

Israel 2001/Brighton III