We were greeted warmly by Guil and after a short conversation we were led to his car and were on our way to the hotel.

After checking in to the hotel and sorting out the rooms,Guil asked us if we wanted to go and see a friend of his who didn't live far from the hotel, "To rest up and ting".
Guil took us to his friend (and ours now),Robie,a sound engineer of note.

Robie welcomed us into his home and played the gracious host.Another one of Guil's and Robie's friends was there,a percussionist named Yossef.
Between us all we had a wonderful and enlightening conversation, while we waited for the time to go and collect Aba from the airport. He was due to arrive at 21:10 local time.
I asked about the plane and the passengers that came from the former Soviet Union that I had seen at the airport, and the situation regarding the Arabs and Jews.I was given an insight into the problems that only someone from within the situation can articulate.
"Only Those That Feel It, Know It". Big raspect to Robie for the guidance.

While we were there another brethren of Robie's arrived a drummer called David.

We found out as the time passed that these people we were breaking bread with were all part of a band called 'Ex-Centrix'.

'Ex-Centrix' is an Israeli band that plays music that draws on a cross-cultural vibe,taking inspiration from all forms of 'Roots' music.
The time passed so quickly,it was a shock when Guil said it was time to go and pick up Aba.
As we left we promised to return that night with Aba after we had done the radio show for Dj Kwame on 'Galgalatz Radio 91.8 FM'.

So off we went to collect Aba from the airport.
On arrival at the airport we settled down opposite a giant screen which was diplaying the arrivals area after customs, so that we could see when Aba was coming through.
While we were waiting we were joined by Ras Kulcha and his lady, who had driven all the way from Jerusalem to be present to welcome Aba to Israel.
Maximum raspect to Ras Kulcha.
Blood was showing brotherly concern in regards to how immigration would treat Aba.
We saw that Aba's flight had arrived and after what seemed an eternity Aba came bounding out of the arrivals area looking none too distressed.
After meeting and greeting the assembled Blood asked Aba how the journey went,but more importantly did he have any problems with the immigration people?
Aba it turns out had no problems what so ever and had breezed through without a hitch.The delay he informed us was due to a passenger who was in a wheel chair and to the amount of people trying to get through immigration when only 2 booths out of 20 were open.
We headed out of the terminal and loaded Aba's things in Guil's car. We then drove out of the airport and onward to the radio station 'Galgalatz 91.8 FM' to do the show / interview followed by Ras Kulcha and his lady in his van.

The radio station was in the old part of Tel aviv, Jaffa.We arrived at the station at 22:30 and the interview was due to start at 23:00.
As Aba sorted out his records and Blood and Guil settled down behind the mics,I headed into the control room to see what was happening.
The guy who was doing the sound was spawled in his chair looking completely disinterested.
The programme controller was shouting to his assistant to get him a drink from the machine.
The other people in the room were talking among themselves.
If apathy needed a home this was it.They had all been there,seen it and brought the t-shirt. This was going to be just another interview to them,but they and us were in for a surprise!

I went back into the studio just as DJ Kwame was telling Aba that apart from the initial introduction the next hour from 23:00 - 2400 was all ours and we could do 'Our Thing'.
Aba looked and me and smiled as he said "Alright".
We were expecting a few questions, a snippet of some of our tunes and a thank you and goodbye.We had not come prepared to play a session on the radio for an hour,especially as Aba had literally just flown in. But we were not going to let a little thing like that stop us.

'Galgalatz Radio' is the military radio station and it broadcast can be picked up all over Israel and beyond, and tonight we were going to give them an hour of 'Roots & Culture'.
Rasta Soul-Jahs playing to the soldiers.