Well after an initial introduction and greeting in was straight into the vibe.

Aba was playing the one deck and mixer like he was playing his sound. Chanting & singing into his mic ablely assisted by Blood giving brand new vocals (I hadn't even heard them) to Falasha recordings dub plates. Blood and Aba were making up the lyrics on the spot, and they all had references to Israel, unity and peace and love.I looked through the glass divide between the control room and the studio and I noticed that the people in there were no longer looking apathetic, for they were all staring into the studio.

I made my way to the control room and soldiers who were on guard duty were rushing pass me to get into the control room. I squeezed pass a young woman who had a gun that was almost as big as she was who was standing by the door peering in. I went to ask the sound man if he had any kind of delay that he could add to the voices, but he was ahead of me. He was frantically fiddling with a delay unit and his sound desk trying to beef up the sound.After much knob twiddling he turned and asked me if it sounded all right, I just smiled.The sound was awesome.

As he increased the dynamic range and volume, more and more people kept coming to the control room until it was packed and the place was rocking.

Soldiers both male and female in full combats with guns, were skanking and vibing out as Aba chanted "Free up yourselves children of Israel for the time is at hand"! As Blood was singing 'Teardown Babylon'.

This spirit continued for the full hour and at the end people were asking me where we had come from and where they could buy our music? As well as requesting copies of the tape of the show.

As we were leaving the sound man came up to me and shook my hand very warmly and then went on to embrace Aba and Blood.

As we walked to the car I said to Aba & Blood "They certainly heard the music and they definitely felt the vibe"!

From this point on I will let Guil Rasta relate his account of our trip to Israel. But before that I would just like to send out massive greetings and raspect to all the people who made our trip such a nice experience: Guil Rasta, Guil from Haifa, Robie, Yossef, David, Yossi, Ras Kulcha & Crew, DJ Kwame and the military crew, Dr Reggae, The lost tribe of Israel-The Falashas, Dinamo Dvash, The Arabs, The Jews, The Christians, The Muslims and to all the peace loving peoples of Israel.

Thank you for inviting us and in the words of Aba Shanti-I:
"It has been an honour and a pleasure to come to Israel and perform for you in the name of Jah Rastafari".


One Love The Humble Lion

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