0510: Blood and I leave my yard and make our way to Heathrow airport to book in for the flight.

The ever dependable Lioness and Lioness cub come along to see us off.
Much mumblings about the conflict and strife in Israel at this present time coming from the lioness cub. As I had explained to all the people that had voiced the same concerns; If Jah calls you for it is your time to go,it does not matter where you, Jah is going to take you and there is nothing you can do about it.

0610: We arrive at heathrow and after saying our farewells enter the terminal to book in.

0620-0820: Sitting in the departure lounge awaiting the calling of the flight.

0830: It is announced that the flight is going to be delayed.

0910: We boarded the plane.

0930: The plane takes off.

1540 local time: We arrive in Israel.

Our passage through immigration was not without it little problems. But nothing that was not sorted out by a business card, credit card, correspondents and a 'Jericho Wall's cd. I invite the immigration woman to the gig and inform her that Aba will be arriving on a later flight. She smiles and writes his name down and goes and gives it to the other immigration clerks.

Blood and I go and collect our luggage and as we pass through the custom's exit,we are now officially in Israel.

Guil Rasta, the promoter is there to greet us.

I joking blamed Blood for the reason we were interviewed by 'Security' for he looks like a dodgy character and he blames me because he said that I look like a terrorist. I then reminded him that we are not terrorist but 'Rasta Soul-Jahs'!

One thing people, among the planes that had just landed at Ben Gurion and were standing on the tarmac was one from 'Azerbaijan Airways'. This plane told me more about the state of the former U.S.S.R than any amount of words. IT WAS RUSTY!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have seen rusty ships sailing on the ocean, but they are usually tramp cargo steamers not passenger carriers. I have never seen a rusty passenger plane that was flying and a jet at that. The chances of that plane having an air worthiness certificate are extremely slim.


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