Origins & History Of The Tribe of Falasha

Falashas, native Jewish sect of Ethiopia.The origin of the Falashas is unknown.
One Falasha tradition claims to trace their ancestry to Menelik, son of 
King Solomon of Israel and the queen of Sheba. Some scholars place the date of 
their origin before the 2d century bc, largely because the Falashas are unfamiliar 
with either the Babylonian or Palestinian Talmud. 
The Bible of the Falashas is written in an archaic Semitic dialect, known as Gecez, and the Hebrew 
Scriptures are unknown to them. The name Falasha is Amharic for "exiles" or "landless ones"; 
the Falashas themselves refer to their sect as Beta Esrael ("House of Israel"). 

The religion of the Falashas is a modified form of Mosaic Judaism unaffected generally by postbiblical
The Falashas retain animal sacrifice. They celebrate scriptural and nonscriptural feast days, although 
the latter are not the same as those celebrated by other Jewish groups. 
One of the Falasha nonscriptural feast days, for example, is the Commemoration of Abraham. 
The Sabbath regulations of the Falashas are stringent.They observe biblical dietary laws, but not the 
postbiblical rabbinic regulations concerning distinctions between meat and dairy foods.
Marriage outside the religious community is forbidden.
Monogamy is practiced, marriage at a very early age is rare, and high moral standards are maintained. 

The center of Falasha religious life is the masjid, or synagogue. 
The chief functionary in each village is the high priest, who is assisted by lower priests. 
Falasha monks live alone or in monasteries, isolated from other Falashas. 
Rabbis do not exist among the Falashas.

The Falashas live either in separate villages or in separate quarters in Christian or Muslim towns, in the
region north of Lake Tana. They are skilled in agriculture, masonry, pottery, ironworking, and weaving.
Under Haile Selassie I, a few Falashas rose to positions of prominence in education and government,
but reports of persecution followed the emperor's ouster in 1974.

More than 12,000 Falashas were airlifted to Israel in late 1984 and early 1985, when the Ethiopian 
government halted the program.
The airlift resumed in 1989, and about 3500 Falashas emigrated to Israel in 1990.
Nearly all of the more than 14,000 Falashas remaining in Ethiopia were evacuated by the Israeli 
government in May 1991.

The Falashas themselves say that they are direct descendants from the family of Abraham,
the first Jew.
Terah, Abraham's father,came from the land of Ur of the Chaldees which was located in the southern
part of the Euphrates.
The Chaldees were one of many Kushite tribes of the region and Kushite means Black according to 
the Bibical dictionary.The Kushites were descended from Kush a son of Ham.
Godfrey higgins,an English expert on antiquities stated in his book :
"The Chaldees were originally Negroes"

Falasha (or Beta Israel), a Jewish Hamitic people of Ethiopia who claim descent from Menelik I,
the son of the queen of Sheba and King Solomon; have no knowledge of Talmud but use a Bible and 
a prayer book written in Ge'ez, the ancient Ethiopian language.
They follow Jewish traditions including circumcision, observing the Sabbath, attending synagogue,
and following certain dietary and purity laws.

Recognized in 1975 by the Chief Rabbinate as Jews and allowed to settle in Israel.
In 1984-85 thousands of Falashas resettled to Israel from refugee camps in Sudan as part of the 
Israeli government's "Operation Moses" and the U.S. government's "Operation Sheba."

I believe that these people are the Fabled 'Lost Tribe Of Israel' But make your own mind up.....The Humble Lion.

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