1960 - There is no Internet...

1961 - Still no Internet...

1962 - The RAND Corporation begins research into robust, distributed communication networks for military command and control.

1962 - 1969
The Internet is first conceived in the early '60s. Under the leadership of the Department of Defence's Advanced Research Project Agency (ARPA), it grows from a paper architecture into a small network (ARPANET) intended to promote the sharing of super-computers amongst researchers in the United States.

1963 - Beatles play for the Queen of England

1964 - 'Dr Strangelove' portrays nuclear holocaust which new network must survive

1965 - The DOD's Advanced Research Project Association begins work on 'ARPANET'

1965 - ARPA sponsors research into a "co-operative network of time-sharing computers."

1965 - The satellite "Early Bird" was launched on a geo stationary orbit and became the first commercial satellite to provide a constant link between Europe and America.

1966 - US Surveyor probe lands safely on moon

1967 - First ARPANET papers presented at Association for Computing Machinery Symposium

1967 - Delegates at a symposium for the Association for Computing Machinery in Gatlingberg, TN discuss the first plans for the ARPANET.

1968 - First generation of networking hardware and software designed

1969 - ARPANET connects first 4 universities in the United States. Researchers at four US campuses create the first hosts of the ARPANET, connecting Stanford Research Institute, UCLA, UC Santa Barbara, and the University of Utah.

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